Danger Rangers

Changing how we utilize NFTs - community-led environmental conservation to save endangered species.


9AM - 3PM ET

Public Sale


What are Danger Rangers?

10,688 of the most well trained rangers around the world have teamed up in the Metaverse for one common goal: To save endangered species. Blessed with the ability to yield crypto assets, the Danger Rangers are seeking safe harbor on the Ethereum blockchain before it's too late.

Nearing extinction, this group of virtual travelers is depending on humanity to provide support and recognition to help return them to their former status in the circle of life.

Each genesis Danger Ranger NFT will help save endangered species at a higher rate than any other NFT project. They will also be packed with utility as unique playable characters in our upcoming P2E PvP games, Q3 in the expanding Metaverse!


Every Danger Ranger holder will be rewarded with the opportunity to choose between 2 serums (D1A/DZB). These serums can be used to mutate rangers to fit their holder's ideal personal preference. Mutants will yield exponentially more daily crypto assets, as well as many other perks for Danger Rangers holders in our upcoming PvP games and mobile app.

$500,000 Donation

The Danger Rangers are pledging $500,000 to a community-selected charity that supports endangered species, such as the World Wildlife Fund or the Jane Goodall Institute. 25% of all secondary sales will be dedicated to the community wallet to ensure an ongoing effort of preservation. Our smart contract will automatically allocate the donation to the selected organization.


  • Whitelist begins. One day later, public sale begins. Check Discord for rules.


  • Key additions made to gaming development team.


  • Holders Only

    Round 1 of Polls - Community decides which type of endangered species to save. 10% of secondary market sales will be given to the top 10% of our holders every month.


  • Holders Only

    Danger Rangers community merch raffle! From a team experienced in apparel production, 50 holders will be selected to receive exclusive items early, such as windbreakers, hoodies, sandals and more.


  • Holders Only

    Whitelist ends at peak diversity. Round 2 of Polls - Community will decide how to support the previously-selected endangered species.


  • A donation will be made to reforest 60 acres of land to protect Sumatran rhinos in Indonesia. We will also be making a donation to monitor 40 black and white rhinos in Zimbabwe via non-invasive horn transmitters. The team on the ground will hold a live stream for the community to participate in.


  • Holders Only

    Holders are eligible to be entered to receive one of two new 2022 Tesla Model 3s (MSRP $50k each)! Poll held to finalize endangered species pledge.


  • Holders Only

    10 holders will be selected to go on a community-voted endangered species trip!


  • 100%

$500,000 Donation +
$250,000 Community Wallet

A donation will be made to a community-selected charity to support the efforts of saving endangered species. $250,000 will be loaded into our community wallet for our upcoming battle royale tournaments Q3 live on Twitch!

Roadmap 2.0


  • Holders Only

    Development of the P2E begins. Weekly development blogs, live streams with development team, and opportunities for top holders to participate in alpha demos.

    Q1 2022

  • Holders Only

    Danger Rangers Mutants! D1A/DZB Serums are given to all holders. Mutants yield more perks to Danger Rangers, like exponentially higher daily crypto assets.

    Q1 2022

  • Holders Only

    Release 3D models of Danger Rangers for upcoming play-to-earn game.

    Q2 2022

  • Holders Only

    The Danger Rangers enter the Metaverse! Launch of beta PvP game and NFT Staking.

    Q2 2022

  • Holders Only

    Worldwide launch of community merch store. 25% of all sales will be donated to the preservation of endangered animals.

    Q2 2022

  • Holders Only

    Danger Rangers Game released to all holders! Holders will have the ability to play and earn additional crypto assets as well as participate in educational activities, battle royale gameplay, private events, airdrops, and other interactive gaming experiences! Launch Danger Rangers Mobile App.

    Q3 2022

Into the Metaverse

We are constantly working on beta 3D models. Get ready for an interactive gaming experience!

How rare is my Danger Ranger?

All pieces will be randomly generated on-chain during minting. At the end of the claiming process, we will do a giveaway on live stream and distribute 99 special editions (in order to give everyone a fair chance). For this reason the rarity table will be announced after the minting process is complete.

Meet the Team


Creative Direction




Project Lead


















The minting will consist of 10,688 Danger Ranger NFTs.

Yes, the whitelist will be limited to 5,000 NFTs. To get on the whitelist, we are hosting giveaways on Discord and Twitter.

The pre-sale will take place on Jan 23 from 9AM ET to 3PM ET. The public sale will take place on Jan 24 starting at 1PM ET.

Pre-sale mint price is 0.06 ETH. Public sale mint price is 0.08 ETH.

You will be allowed to mint a maximum of 10 Danger Rangers. A limit has not yet been announced for pre-sale.

Danger Rangers are created through on-chain generation. This process of creating the Danger Ranger NFTs means that they are generated randomly, so their rarity and appearance are not known beforehand. All 10,688 Danger Rangers will be created on-chain.

At different stages in the roadmap, polls will be held to determine how the $0.5 million donation will benefit endangered species. The type of animal as well as the problem to solve for that animal will be chosen by the community. All polls will take place on Discord.

The Danger Rangers are kept safe on the Ethereum blockchain. Our smart contract address will be released soon.

New to NFTs?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. Unlike BTC, ETH, and even USD, non-fungible tokens are unique assets stored on the blockchain. There are many forms of NFTs including artwork, photography, audio, and more. All NFTs are one-of-a-kind and cannot be officially replicated.

The Wall Street Journal has a great video that goes more in depth.

To buy an NFT, you will need an Ethereum-compatible crypto wallet, such as MetaMask.

You'll also need to buy ETH to have in your wallet. ETH can be purchased from an exchange like Coinbase.

You will then transfer your ETH from the exchange to your wallet using your wallet address.

MetaMask and Coinbase are not the only options but are the most popular and likely the easiest for someone new to NFTs.

Minting will take place on our website.

It is best to store your NFTs in your software crypto wallet (i.e. MetaMask), protected by 12 word seed phrase and password. You can also purchase a physical, hardware wallet, but this is not completely necessary. It does, however, add an extra layer of protection as it is completely offline.